Ancestral Temple of Zumiao

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Foshan zumiao is today’s Foshan zumiao Museum, located at No. 21, zumiao Road, Chancheng District, surrounded by a bustling business district, with very convenient transportation. From Guangzhou, you can take the Guangfo subway and get off at zumiao station. It began to be built in Yuanfeng period of the Northern Song Dynasty, and gradually became a temple building with complete system and strong local characteristics. Today’s ancestral temple is a classic scenic spot to visit in Foshan. It’s a postcard of Foshan. The ancestral temple in Foshan includes ancient buildings, Confucius Temple, Huang Feihong memorial hall, ye Wen hall and other scenic spots. After entering the gate, along the central axis, from the south to the north are wanfutai, jinxiangchi, Sanmen, front hall, main hall, Qingzhen building and other buildings, all of which are very distinctive. Wanfu stage is the most famous ancient stage in South China. The height of this stage is extremely unscientific. It is 6 meters high. It is said that it is for the “North emperor” on the opposite side, not for the ordinary people. There will be a performance of “the ultimate exam”. Jinxiang pool is located in front of the three doors. The secret is that the craftsman makes the trapezoid pool look like a rectangle by using the vision difference. The later three gates are the main gate of Lingying temple, which leads to the main part of the ancestral temple. In the main hall of the ancestral temple, there are many precious works of art, such as weapons, iron wall guards of honor, 1.31-meter-diameter giant bronze mirrors, large copper tripods, bells and censers. A large number of ceramic, wood, brick and gray sculptures are used in the architectural decoration. Both the positive and the negative sides take the drama story as the main theme. These buildings are of great historical reference value. Many gods are enshrined in the temple. In addition to the traditional architectural decoration, another attraction of the ancestral temple should be the exhibition of Foshan martial arts. There are Yewen Museum and Huang Feihong Memorial Hall. Ye Wen Museum collects precious photos and letters of martial arts master Ye Wen, so that you can understand him more deeply. The memorial hall of Huang Feihong, located in the north of the three gates of the ancestral temple, not only has his life, but also displays novels, films, plays and even comics about him. In the museum, there is also a photo of Huang Feihong, the only real person in China. Many tourists will take a photo with the master when they come here. Real life photos of “aunt 13” are also displayed in the museum. In addition, there are Foshan martial arts and lion dance performances at 10:00 and 15:00 every day. It is strongly recommended not to miss them.



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