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Located in the heart of the economically vibrant Pearl River Delta, the City of Foshan is one of the most vibrant cities in South China.

As a modern international city with a distinctive cultural identity, Foshan is where natural beauty meets the comfort of urban living. The city appeal is further enhanced by the sophisticated public infrastructure, and a diverse calendar of recreational activities.

Having nurtured the Lingnan Culture, Foshan boasts rich cultural heritage presenting a panorama of deep-rooted culture and folk customs. Foshan is recognized as a national historical and cultural city in China, as well as home of Cantonese Opera, martial arts, lion dancing, Canton silk, and ceramics.
Foshan is divided into five districts, namely Chancheng, Nanhai, Shunde, Sanshui, and Gaoming, covering an area of 3797.72 km2. Foshan's location makes it possible to travel to Hong Kong and Macau in just a two-hour drive.

Since the implementation of the reform and opening up policy, the GDP of Foshan has maintained an annual growth of 16% on average in the last four decades. With an annual growth of 8.5%, Foshan ranks fifteenth among all Chinese cities and third among the PRD cities.

Serving as a Chinese manufacturing hub, the city of Foshan has devoted its efforts to establishing a new industry development pattern on the foundation of its strengths in traditional industries supported by the pillar of advanced manufacturing with a focus on strategic emerging industries.

The City

Foshan is overall a great place, whether you are here for business, looking to see China or interested in working. It has a rich history in Kung Fu as well as being an important industrial center for China. Due to its location, it is a great compromise for those looking for a well connected city while not wanting the fast big city life of the nearby Guangzhou or Hong Kong.

The Company

Foshanline was created in 2019 as a joint venture between local Foshan people and the foreign community. This decision was made to ensure this website is both useful and accurate with the latest news, the best shops and amazing events from all over Foshan.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a place which helps Foshan become easily accessible to the rest of the world. We wish to help Foshan local businesses and encourage mutual cooperation and growth across all borders.

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