Overview of Chancheng

Chancheng District is the residence of the Foshan Municipal People’s government. It is the political, financial, cultural, transportation, and information center of Foshan. It covers an area of 154.09 square kilometers and has a permanent population of 1.23 million. It has jurisdiction over Nanzhuang Town, Zumiao Area, Shiwan Town and Zhangcha Area, and 145 villages (communities).


CCD-Chancheng District






Nanzhuang Town, located in the west of Chancheng District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, is an important part of downtown Foshan. The town covers an area of 76.03 square kilometers. It has jurisdiction over 18 administrative villages and 2 communities. It has 1 national ecological village, 2 provincial livable demonstration villages, and 18 municipal ecological villages.

Nanzhuang Town is in the alluvial plain of the Pearl River Delta. It has a good water system, interlaced river networks, mild climate, and sufficient rainfall. It is a typical Lingnan water town. Dongping waterway, Shunde waterway and Jili stream go through this town. The water area of the inland river is 2.26 square kilometers; the river bank line is 344.04 kilometers, and the green coverage rate of the built-up area is 36.8%.


Nanzhuang Town is well-developed with major road networks including Foshan First Ring Road, Fokai Expressway, Guangming Expressway, Jihua West Road, Nanzhuang Avenue, Kuiqi Road West Extension Line, Changang West Road, Qiaole Road, etc. The Guangfo Metro Line 2 under construction has three stations in Nanzhuang. In recent years, Nanzhuang Town has embarked on a new journey of high-quality development, proactively adapting to and grasping new economic developments, accelerating adjustment and optimization of the economic structure, actively cultivating new growth momentum, and gradually improving the quality and efficiency of development.


Nanzhuang Town has a world-class ceramics international convention and exhibition center, a national-level ceramic R&D center, a headquarter base of China’s ceramic industry, and a central business district of China’s ceramics. At the same time, Nanzhuang is one of the towns where national famous brands are concentrated. By 2014, it had 19 China Famous Brands, 33 Guangdong Famous Brands, and 24 Guangdong Famous Brand Products. In two years’ time, it got another 4 new well-known trademarks in China, 3 well-known trademarks in Guangdong Province, 2 well-known products in Guangdong Province, and 401 patents were granted..


Zumiao Area is located in the northeast of Chancheng District, Foshan City, east to Guilan Road, south to Jihua Road, West to Foshan Avenue, north to the north bank of Fenjiang River. It covers an area of 21.5 square kilometers, with a population of about 600000. It is the core block of the downtown area of Foshan City, where the offices of the Foshan Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government are located. Now it is the political, economic and commercial area of Foshan City Cultural center. Zumiao Area is at the intersection of Chancheng and Guicheng, with convenient and fast transportation. It is within half an hour traffic circle with other four districts in Foshan City. It is 25 kilometers away from Guangzhou and 40 minutes from Baiyun International Airport. There are four subway stations in the area, namely Tongji Lu station, Zumiao station, Pujun Beilu station and Chao’an station.


Zumiao Area has a thousand years of history and culture. In the Northern Song Dynasty, due to the prosperity of handicraft industry, commerce and culture, it was called “four famous towns” together with Hankou Town, Zhuxian Town and Jingdezhen, and “four major agglomerations” together with Wuhan, Beijing and Suzhou in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. The traditional culture of Lingnan in the jurisdiction has a unique charm. It has the Ancestral Temple known as the palace of oriental folk art; Liang Yuan, one of the four famous gardens in Lingnan; Huang Feihong Museum that embodies the essence of Chinese martial arts. It is known as the hometown of Chinese Lion Dances and the hometown of Chinese folk art. It has national intangible cultural heritages such as Cantonese opera, paper-cutting, woodblock New Year pictures, martial arts, lion dance etc. The birthplace of traditional Chinese medicines such as Yuan Jilin Ganhe tea, Feng Liaoxing herbal wine, Ma Bailiang Qili powder etc. And it is the place where Foshan traditional activities such as Autumn Parade, Xingtongji and other local events are held.


Shiwan Town is located in the southeast of Chancheng District, where the Chancheng District Committee and the District Government are located. It is an important part of Foshan City Center. With an area of 28.32 square kilometers, it has jurisdiction over 11 administrative villages and 28 community neighborhood committees, with a registered population of 200400, a migrant population of 152500 and a permanent resident population of 352900.


Shiwan has a profound cultural heritage, enjoying the reputation of The Capital of Southern Pottery & Ceramic. It has rich historical and cultural resources such as Hedang Beiqiu site and Ancient Nanfeng Kiln. Shiwan has complete supporting facilities, beautiful environment, high-end medical treatment equipment, basic education and other resources. The main roads such as Jihua Road, Kuiqi Road, Lingnan Avenue, Fenjiang Road, Wenhua Road, and Nanhai Avenue all pass through the jurisdiction area, and the metro lines 1 to 6 all cover Shiwan. The jurisdiction also has large-scale parks such as Yayi Park, Wenhua Park, Shiwan Park and Banyue Island Wetland Park. Shiwan has a good economy with two traditional pillar industries of ceramics and stainless steel. In recent years, the rapid development of home furnishing, business travel, automobile trade, health, big data, finance and other industries has also become important driving forces for the economic development of Shiwan.


Ceramic industry. This is the most famous industry in Shiwan and also a business card of Foshan. Shiwan is one of the most important ceramic production and marketing areas in the world, and also the birthplace of Chinese modern architectural ceramics.

Stainless steel industry. Shiwan is the only famous stainless steel town in China, an important stainless steel processing base and distribution center for stainless steel products and materials. It has many stainless steel trading platforms.


Home furnishing industry. In recent years, Shiwan has gradually transformed and upgraded from traditional industries such as ceramics and stainless steel into a home furnishing industry cluster with ceramics as its core.

Healthcare industry. There are 2 top-level hospitals, 2 second-class hospitals, 1 first-class hospital and 2 private hospitals in the area. Dashenlin Pharmaceutical Group and Sinopharm Headquarters were introduced to create a comprehensive plan for medical, health and elderly care. The integrated industrial chain has made Shiwan gradually develop into an important big health industry center in Guangfo region.


Zhangcha is located in the central and western part of Chancheng District, Foshan City, with a total area of 26.5 square kilometers. It has 15 village committees and 8 neighborhood committees under its jurisdiction, with a permanent population of about 293,000 and a registered population of more than 90,000.

The district has a well-developed transportation network. Fokai Expressway, Foshan Avenue, Jihua Road, Chanxi Avenue, Guangfozhao Light Rail, Metro Line 2 and other important transportation routes cross the jurisdiction. The only station of Guangfo ring line in Chancheng is located in Zhangcha, which is planned to transfer seamlessly with Foshan Metro line 2 under construction. Famous historical figures were from Zhang Cha, such as Pang Song, a famous thinker in the Ming Dynasty, Jiang Kongyin, the “first gourmet in Lingnan” in the late Qing Dynasty, and Jiang Yuliu, the master of Cantonese opera. Zhangcha also has hundreds of ancient buildings such as the Yang’s Grand Ancestral Hall. Traditional Lingnan culture such as lion awakening, dragon boat, paper-cutting, Cantonese opera have been preserved and inherited here.


Zhangcha has a solid industrial foundation and is a famous knitting town in China. With more than 4000 knitting enterprises, the annual output of knitted fabric is more than 3 million tons, and the daily trading volume of cotton yarn is more than 10000 tons. It is the largest knitted fabric industrial base, the largest mercerized cotton T-shirt industrial base and the largest yarn distribution trade center in China.

Zhangcha develops high-end equipment manufacturing, electronic information, biomedicine, fashion knitting and other industries, attracting and nurturing a number of high-quality enterprise projects. It speeds up the construction of key parks such as South China Science and Technology Equipment Industrial Park and Guangdong Funeng Big Data Industrial Park. High-end industrial events such as “China Zhangcha Knitting Raw Material and Yarn Fabric Conference” were held in Zhangcha, accelerating the leading industries to the mid-to-high-end.


Considered as the heart of Foshan, Chancheng is a beautiful district filled with modern buildings and ancient traditions. New technology, and ancient customs. Foshan is a perfect representation of modern-day Foshan as well as China

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