After being selected as one of the happiest cities in China in 2017, Nanhai once again stood out from many cities across the country this year and ranked fourth on the list of China's top 100 counties and cities with the greatest sense of happiness in 2020.

Recently, a list of the top 100 counties and cities with the most happiness in China in 2020 selected by Xiaokang Magazine and several national authoritative departments and professional institutions was released. Nanhai ranked 4th in the country and 1st in Guangdong with a total score of 93.58.

Nationwide Survey

Urban Happiness refers to the citizens' sense of identity, belonging, stability and satisfaction to the city where they are located, as well as the reputation and comments from the outsiders. The 10 most happiest municipalities and provincial capitals in China are selected and announced by the CCTV finance channel Survey on China Economic Life Survey.

China Economic Life Survey started in 2006. It was jointly sponsored by CCTV, the National Bureau of Statistics, China Post Group, and the National Development Research Institute of Peking University. It is known as the world’s largest survey on the topic of good life: China Post distributed 100000 postcards to 300 counties in 104 cities for household surveys and CCTV network questionnaire covered 800 million netizens. The results of the survey are broadcast on CCTV financial channel during the National Two Sessions in March.

China Economic Life Survey founded in 2006, made the first large-scale survey of national happiness in China and successfully launched original big data products such as the residents' income confidence index.

Healthy and Sanitary

Standing out from many cities across the country, Nanhai’s happiness code is hidden in every detail of people’s livelihood in Nanhai. Employment, income, ecological environment, public security, education, medical care and other factors are all important factors affecting people's happiness. Nanhai has always been aiming at improving the well-being of the people's livelihood. In 2019, 17.07 billion yuan was invested in livelihood, accounting for 67.4% of the fiscal expenditure.

Health is the prerequisite for the happiness of the people. As early as 2000, Nanhai became the first county-level national sanitary city in Guangdong Province. In recent years, Nanhai has been vigorously carrying out urban upgrading and comprehensive improvement of environmental sanitation, keeping pace with the times to create the upgraded version of health and hygiene campaign, taking the lead in the construction of star rated health villages in the country. A healthy, green and environmentally friendly lifestyle is vigorously promoted.

Nationally Recognized Civilized City

National civilized cities refer to cities with a relatively high level of urban civilization in building a well-off society in an all-round way. The title of National Civilized City is the highest honorary title that reflects the overall level of civilization of cities in mainland China. The title is difficult to earn as there are many rules and requirements, but of course if a city has this title it means this city is doing great in lots of aspects.

Defending Champions

Foshan had won the title of The National Civilized City for the past two years and this year, Foshan is trying to maintain the title for the third year. The five districts of the city simultaneously held a health and hygiene campaign, some officials and volunteers in Nanhai carrying brooms to clean the streets and alleys. Next, Nanhai will carry out a health and hygiene campaign focusing on pandemic prevention and control, garbage classification, sewage treatment, dengue fever prevention and control, toilet revolution, public chopsticks and spoons, food wasting, village cleaning and other social issues to build the integrated development of urban and rural areas in Guangdong Province.

In the public washrooms of Qiandenghu Park in Guicheng, Nanhai, machines have been installed where you can stand in front and your face will be scanned. A certain amount of toilet paper comes out when the machine detects a human face. Citizens are surprised by the technology, finding it convenient and fast, and it helps reduce paper waste.

Public Washrooms

Life happiness in Nanhai is hidden in every detail of people's life. Just as the convenience the public washrooms in Qiandenghu Lake bring to people, a washroom revolution leading to a new trend of civilization is being launched in urban and rural areas. When you walk into Xiqiao Mountain, there is a public washroom every 10 minutes. The green brick and gray tile facade is decorated with Lingnan flower grille, window decoration and colored daylighting glass, which fully shows the culture of Xiqiao and integrates with the scenic spot. In the Fengxi Park of Dali Town, the public washrooms look like a small study from a distance... A large number of public toilets with complete facilities and nice-looking designs have become another portrayal of the harmonious development of urban and rural areas and the green life in this happy city.

Environmental sanitation is a basic but important work of a health and hygiene campaign. It is not only related to the image of urban civilization, but also a major issue that can enhance people’s sense of happiness and belonging. It requires good detail management skills.

As for the changes before and after the renovation of Luopu market in Jiujiang Town, citizen say that the clean and orderly environment now makes shopping more comfortable. They even joke that they are not afraid to wear white clothes to the market any more.

Protection of the Environment

In order to improve the rural living environment in recent years, towns and sub districts in Nanhai have strengthened the long-term management and protection of rural residential environment. Up to now, 213,000 tons of various types of garbage have been cleaned up, and 31,916 places including garbage in sanitary dead angle have been cleaned up.

A beautiful environment with blue sky, clear water, and fresh air is for sure what people from modern city dream of. It is also an important focus for Naihai to promote the health and hygiene campaign and build a national civilized city. Taking water pollution prevention and control as an emergency, in April this year, the comprehensive water environment treatment project of Beicun River Basin in Nanhai District with an investment of 7.8 billion yuan was launched, covering Dali, Lishui and Shishan.


Earlier this year, the coronavirus pneumonia broke out in the new year, and spread to the whole country, and people's lives and health were seriously threatened. In the face of the pandemic, a large number of medical workers, volunteers and citizens from all the industries in Nanhai took actions. More than 4790 organizations and more than 75,000 people in the region quickly responded to breakout. People got mobilized and tested, and tried their best in the disease prevention work. The pandemic has made people deeply aware of the importance of continuously improving the overall strength of public health and the ability of disease prevention and control.

A Healthy Nanhai

In fact, Nanhai has always attached great importance to the health and hygiene campaign and promoted disease prevention and control, and medical and health services to keep pace with the times.

"In the past, we placed too much emphasis on hospitals and doctors, but in fact, the proportion of medical institutions in the whole health system is not high, and disease control and prevention is the first firewall." Director of Nanhai District Health Bureau Kong Xiaoyan said that at present, Nanhai is striving to build a full life cycle health support system. In 2019, the province took the lead in issuing the "Healthy Nanhai People 2030 Action Plan" to move the health protection barrier forward.

Using public chopsticks

"Waiter, please give us the public chopsticks." Nowadays, it has become a catchphrase when eating at restaurants in Nanhai. With the normalization of pandemic prevention and control, Nanhai residents have gradually developed a variety of new lifestyles. It has gradually become a social consensus to wear masks when going out, sort garbage, use public chopsticks and spoons, and not waste food.

Last month, the six major departments of Nanhai District jointly launched a series of activities for waste classification in Nanhai in 2020, including launching brand activities such as Looking for the Most Beautiful Sanitation Workers in Naihai, setting up a charity fund for caring environmental sanitation workers, and establishing a voluntary service team for domestic waste classification, hoping to make garbage classification become a trend for living a green life in Nanhai.

Long Term Project

“There are two garbage bins at the door of each house, and there are garbage bins with 4 classifications not far away” a villager from Xibian Village, Fengchi, Dali Town said that garbage sorting has become a habit of villagers. Dali began to promote the waste classification work in 2017, and so far 57 pilot sites in the town have reduced the total amount of more than 706 tons. In addition to Xibian Village, Yunshan Fengjing Community in Danzao gathered the masses of volunteers, communities, cultural stations for the garbage sorting, with a garbage classification awareness rate of more than 90% and a reduction rate of 35%.

The health and hygiene campaign is a long lasting project. Li Yan, member of the Nanhai District Committee and Director of the Publicity Department stressed that the implementation of the health and hygiene campaign relies on the cooperation of the masses. If the campaign can be a successful one depends on everyone having a healthy and civilized lifestyle and health habits. Everyone is always welcome to participate in making Nanhai a beautiful home, and sharing a civilized and healthy life.

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